GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 62

WA N D E R L U S T The Roaring Lion Singapore Text By Zamiya J. Akbar A midst the islands and countries of Asia lies a roaring lion; Singapore. A small nation monumental in its presence, it is best known for its Merlion and glittering skylines and celebrated for its modern flavour, scintillating sights, sparkling streets, and exquisite food. All these attractions, combined with its riveting history, make this futuristic city irresistible. Sights To Behold Small as it is, Singapore has no end of places to explore. While it does offer luxurious hotels and glamorous shopping malls, it also offers picturesque historical grounds, natural wonders, and lively urban spaces. Its excellent public transportation system makes navigating the city convenient and 46 48 58 62 comfortable, and since English is one of the official languages of the country, communication with the locals is easy. Some incredible places to visit during your stay in Singapore include the lavish Marina Bay Sands, the Zoological Gardens, and the colourful streets of Chinatown. Some lesser known natural charms you might want to explore include the Kent Ridge Park, which has an amazing suspended bridge to walk on through trees; the lush Botanical Gardens, with a grand variety of plants and flowers; and the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve. A recent tourist attraction that exhibits nature is the Gardens by the Bay. Once the sun sets, the entire place lights up into a mesmerizing glow of lights. Places like these really make you appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.