GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 59

F O O D The Calamari Tuscan Salad was a little sour for our taste buds; one possible reason is that being a ‘desi’ we have always loved meat cooked in a lot of spices. However, the Pesto Salad seemed to be the right balance of sour and fresh greens. The wait staff at the restaurant was well informed as we asked questions about every other dish, which automatically gave them bonus points for their overall service, well before the main course. Being in an Italian restaurant, we thought it was best to try their Italian specialities and we ordered the Pollo Tuscan Chicken, Grilled Chicken in Lemon Butter Sauce and Lamb Chops. Upon the arrival of food, we were amazed by the perfect presentation of the dishes placed in front of us. As most of us know that simplicity 26VG&FGW66fBvR6VBBV'WBFV6FRF6&PW"6W'6W26vR6VBG'FRFffW&VBVG&VW2WN( 2FƲ&WBFR6W'6Rr7F'FrvFFP"62v6v2VFVvV6VBVfrBbFRVBBBW7BFR&vBV@b76W2FRGW6666VB66V'&V7@V6W2fVBvFW&'2B6FVBvF76@6VW6R6W'fVBvFvFR6V6RFRF6v26V@W&fV7FǒBFR6W'frv2fW'fƖrBB&6VBF7FRBFR&vBVBb6V6W2FR6FW06VFVB6WL:VBfVvWF&W2B&6RrvF7&7FFB&VB6'&B7G&2FR66VFRǐ77VRv2FR&6R6W'fVBw6FRFRF6FRFRF7FPƗGFRF&BBv2FR77FvRbFR7&Vא6V6RFBFRB7V6f"W2WBv2FRw&VB66VV'WGFW"6V6Rv6BW"V'B6W'fVBVfb7G'6FrFP6W"VF7FW2rvFFRW&'2v2V6VǐWF6rBǒFBFRvFR6V6RrvF6VBFFW2FRFRF6VƖrBvR6V@BvWBVVvbBF2FVfFVǒBF&RW ffW&FRF6FBv26VBFW&fV7F'FR6Vbt52FƶVBFFR6Vb&ƖBGW66琤6W'G&B6rFR&6W72brWr&V6RFv6R6BFBFWR7W&RFWW&VBvFWrFw2BWr&GV7G2&FW"F7F6rFFPG&FF&V6W2vWfW"FV"7BV"F6&V2FRGW6666V6֖rFRvFWr&W7FW&BvR6VB@VfRvFWBfrF7FVBFRFW76W'BvR&FW&VBFPS