GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 57

F O O D 4 EASY TIPS FOR MAKING ICED COFFEE DRINKS AT HOME I ced coffee can be as easy to prepare as iced tea. A variety of options, such as flavouring syrups, cold milk, chocolate and spices, allow you to create personalised coffee concoctions that are just as delicious as those served in your favourite cafe. Beverages such as iced vanilla mocha, iced coffee and iced latte are easy to make at home. Here are some tips for refreshing iced coffee drinks. Pour the flavouring syrup into the cup first. To complete the drink, pour in espresso or coffee, then the ice, and top it off with cold milk. Don’t let your beverage become watered down. Cool your favourite coffee beverage with ice cubes made from fresh-brewed coffee instead of water. Use a machine that produces a high-quality coffee or espresso. Be creative. Add a personalised touch to your iced coffee beverages with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, nutmeg or cinnamon. 57