GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 38

P R O F I L E is an ever growing industry in Pakistan, F ashion and it takes one with a lot of talent to make their way into the industry. In an industry where trends are always changing we need fresh blood to keep it going. We cannot deny the fact that veteran designers like Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Nilofer Shahid to name a few have set a standard for fashion in the industry, but we also know that there is always a need for something new and contemporary on the table. Thus, in a fiercely competitive field, you need to have the edge to stand out as an aspiring designer. Having said that, launching a label isn’t the difficult part; maintaining your reputation is. With a new designer launching their brand every other day, each one must have their own uniqueness and style stand out as a label. One such aspiring designer on the block is Hira Ali, a 38