GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 37

C E L E B R I T Y Tell us how pink changed your life. Is there a significant difference that you feel? Yes! A thousand times yes. Pink is the most positive colour and it draws people to me. I cannot explain it but people always come up and talk to me and say how happy I make them. This happens on a daily basis. I cannot walk down the street anymore without photos being taken of Miss Kisses and myself. Miss Kisses is my pink pup. I use beet juice to colour her fancy fur which is totally safe and vet approved. Why pink? Why not another colour? Ah! Pink is the best! No other colour makes me happy. I am never sad or depressed. Pink is my antidepressant. How do people around you react to your way of life?  They love it! I have so much positivity surrounding me. I don’t really need anyone’s approval to live the life I chose, but I am tickled pink that they do like me and love “my big pink life” – this will also be the name for my upcoming autobiographical book. What opportunities have come your way from Hollywood? Too many to name, but I was cast merely by walking down the street so many times for commercials, film and music videos. I also have many sponsors who I do cross promotions with in exchange for pink products. Everyone wants THE PINK LADY OF HOLLYWOOD to push their brand. I am always grateful for the life I have. I also published my first children’s book which is based on me and my pup titled “Miss Kisses: The Pup Who Turned Pink” which is available on Amazon. I wrote the book and had a talented Australian illustrator, FurJay (Ferhat Koden) draw the characters. The book is very inspirational about living your dreams no matter how out of reach they may seem. What if you find something really cute at a store but it’s not available in pink? I will not buy it or if it is a garment, I will take a photo and have my seamstress recreate it in pink fabric. I had to hire a seamstress because of situations like these. I have also become an expert at painting furniture and dying clothes pink, but the fabric of the clothes has got to be white for this to work and become the shade I prefer for the particular item. You can say, my life is 50 shades of pink! Are we only going to find pink food in your kitchen!?  Oh yes! I have many pink foods readily available for friends or celebrities who stop by my Pink Palace. I have pink cupcakes, a cotton candy machine that makes pink fairy floss; I have pink milk, candies, and cookies. You will also find some pink pancake mix and pink lemonade! What is the priciest pink item you have? My pink round bed. It was very costly but well worth it. It’s a replica of the bed from the film “Auntie Mame.” The only difference is that her bed was white and mine is pink. People often compare me to the character Auntie Mame played by Rosalind Russell because we are both eccentric and funny. So it was wild that I found a bed just like hers. Do you have a second best colour? No way! I don’t like any other colours. I consider myself a monochromatic and would not wear or own any other colour. I would like to make a documentary on mono chromatics like myself someday. I know there are more of us. If you got a million dollars to wear blue (or another colour) for a week, would you do it? Never in a million years! I am in The Ripley’s Believe it or Not as “The Pinkest Person in the World” for a reason. Finally, if you were a superhero, what would be your name and your superpower? I am already a superhero. Who else can say they are the pinkest person in the world? Seriously though, I would love to be able to teleport so I would not have to drive or fly on a plane. Just pop up my pink powers and be wherever I want to be in an instance. 37