GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 30

H E A LT H & W E L L N E S S Think Pink Each October, the world comes together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here we focus on some facts about the disease and provide a few health guidelines to do our part in helping raise awareness. Text By Sana Panjwani Y ou hear the statistics every year, but somehow you never believe it will happen to yo KY] Xܙ[H[Y\X[[\Y]KX\[\\H[[[ۈ\Hق[\[[ۙY[[XZ\\ H\[و[]XYۛ\[Y[ؘ[KYH]\][[HܛYKX\[\]\[\[۝\XYH[[X[[\ZYۂ][YZ\H]\[\[[܈\X\[[Yܝ[\ݙHH]X[ۈ[X]Y[Y][[H[XXH[\H\H\B&\ۙHYx&K]\H\HYH[Hۛو]\XX[HZ[XH[[\K[]H˜۝ݙ\]Z]\[]Hو\X[Hو\ZHH[]X]]HYX]H\[\و\ؘ[\X\HX[\X[Yو\[و]\Œ]\HYX\]\X\[\HX[Yۘ[[[\]][[HX\\YK\\X\H\\[\]HY\[[HYBHYHU]ۛ\XZ[ܙ\\]ܙ\\ˈ\H\[YH X\ۋZ[\]BYX[[H[\[XZ[[]ܚY[[][ۋHYH]XH[\\]\\[[ۈ\XZ[\X\\XΈH^HوH[\]\]\[\]H܈ Y]\][YH[\\[]\]\XY\\وBH^[ۙHX\ [[ۈYۜ[[\\[YH[[\[\[HوH[\ X[\[HX\ B[H[]^H[\K\\K\\[[[[[\\\]