GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 2 - 2017 - Page 63

S T Y L E Since we caught up with him in Dubai, it is a mandatory question to ask about how he likes the city and its people. “Dubai is a beautiful city. It is a hub of brands, and as a stylist, I appreciate that. I love shopping as well. The best part is that this city needs more people like us to give a direction to the young ones looking forward to doing something in the fashion industry. It is a pleasure to see them grow,” he said. “In near future, I see myself as a director. I want to combine all my skills and experience and present it in one platter. I m looking forward to it.” Told Arindam on his future plans. “I will suggest the budding stylists and choreographers, to take time, plan and think, spend a little time alone with their thoughts, so that they can create new material and express it properly. Do not copy or remix. This will kill real art and the same ideas will keep rotating. There will be no evolution.” He said. 63