GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 2 - 2017 - Page 60

WA N D E R L U S T Once shopping is over, you can visit the St. Francis Church in Fort Kochi, which is one of the oldest European churches in India. Originally built in 1503, it has a great historical significance as a voiceless witness to the European colonial struggle in the subcontinent. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, who discovered the sea route from Europe to India, died in 1524 and his remains were entombed in the church. His body was removed and sent back to Lisbon after fourteen years. Another fact is that Cochin hosts the largest religions in one place. A church, a mosque, a Jewish temple and a Hindu temple at a very short walking distance from each other is a sight to behold. People live in peace and happiness, something that the entire world could learn from. If the heat is getting to you, your next stop should be Vasco da Gama Square, a small park with an opening by the sea. Here, you can grab some street food and fresh coconut water and continue on your trip energised. People visit this place to shoot movies, make short reality shows, dance or do wedding photography. You will particularly love how the fishermen masterly catch fresh fish by the sea. Once you pick your catch, you can have it cooked in front of you at the Tree House Restaurant which is similar to an improvised house made of reed. Here you will see pots of different spices that flavour the food. It may not be easy to sit around the restaurant because of the pungent smell of the sea food a ΉΝΑ₯•Μ°‰ΥЁ$ΝΡΙ½Ή±δΙ•½΅΅•Ή₯Ё‰•…ΥΝ”Ρ‘”™½½)Ρ…Νѕ́Ν₯΅Α±δ‘•±₯₯½ΥΜΈ)Ή½Ρ‘•Θ₯ΉΡ•Ι•ΝΡ₯ΉœΡ‘₯ΉœΡΌ‘Ό…Ё‘„…΅„MΕΥ…Ι”έ‘₯±”έ…₯Ρ₯Ήœ™½ΘΡ‘”™•ΙΙδΡΌΡ…­”ε½Τ…Ι½Ν́ё”)Ι₯ٕȁ₯́Ѽέ…э Ρ‘”ΝΥΉΝ•ΠΈe½Τ…ΈΝ•”Ρ‘” ‘₯Ή•Ν”™₯Ν‘₯ΉœΉ•Ρ́ݑ₯±”Ρ‘”ΝΥΈ•Ρ́ɕ…‘δΡΌΡΥΙΈ½ΥΠ)…Ή±•ΠΡ‘”΅½½Έέ…э ½Ω•Θ°…́ё•δ…±°₯Π°ƒŠq½“Šé½έΈ½ΥΉΡΙ今t(Ψ