GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 2 - 2017 - Page 52

F O O D Mocca Coffee Text And Photographs By Aqsa Fawwad Location: Khayaban e Shahbaz, Karachi A s you walk in, the aroma of coffee, so delectable, keeps you lured for long. Mocca Coffee is more than just a freshly brewed coffee house. It has interiors that are no less than an eye-candy; minimalistic, super chic and Scandinavian inspired architecture with the off-white painted walls, wooden accents, and conical white lamps hanging from the ceiling. The food inspired frames on the walls are surely a work of art, giving this basic coffee house a touch of elegance and a pop of colour. The leather-bound menu is quite extensive, ranging from coffees to starters, main courses and desserts. A whole space of the menu is dedicated for low calorie, gluten-free entrées; offering a variety not many restaurants in Pakistan offer. The long list of starters confuse us, but when in doubt, nacho it out? We are fans of good nachos with oozing cheese and spicy Jalapeños, as a starter for the heavy meal ahead. This is exactly what Mocca has to offer to its customers with their crunchy Loaded Spicy Nachos, topped with Jalapeños, veggies and cheese. The salsa is always on point. A bit more cheese would do no harm. From the main courses what we find worth mentioning is the ‘Chef ’s Special Chicken’. The chicken is tender, juicy and well seasoned. The sauce is well balanced, neither too spicy nor bland. It comes with an option of choosing from a variety of sides. We opted for the French fries, which were great. The portions were generous and succulent as always! Our second main course is Fettuccine Pasta in Brown Sauce. Perfectly cooked chicken with freshly made pasta; a slight variation in the spice level would make it even better. The chicken is juicy, seared with the right amount of seasoning. 52