GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 2 - 2017 - Page 19

C E L E B R I T Y What made you start your own production house and move in this direction? I wanted greater creative control and I wanted to grow as a professional. Udaari has become an ice breaker when it comes to talking about taboo topics, but will this trend survive? Udaari has been a monumental play in many ways. After the response received for Udaari, one thing we know for sure is that Pakistani television is ready to explore other taboo topics in the future and work with daring integrity and responsibility. You have won several awards for your role in Udaari at LSA and Hum Awards, how do you feel about that? I am very proud of this achievement because I feel I have played my part as an actor to raise awareness about a social issue, which is being appreciated by the masses. Additionally, I feel that any award that a serial like Udaari receives is a result of great teamwork, and thus it should be considered an award for the entire team rather than just an individual, as they are all a part of making this sort of a change in people’s mindset within our society.