GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 2 - 2017 - Page 15

P R O F I L E ASAALEH A new door to traditional Asian wear in the Middle East and UK S aadia Saarum Malik, a pharmacist by profession, always had sparks of a fashion designer within her. She initially started her personal line in 2009, while she was in Dubai. Having moved her base to the UK a few years ago, she further enhanced her creative abilities and officially launched her label “Asaaleh” this year on the 1st of January. “I take the spirit of the royal majestic era to create what real women want: sophistication, class and elegance, that make them stay true to their roots,” says Saadia. Her designs bear intricate stitching, royalty, grace, and superb craftsmanship. “Asaaleh” is a concoction of traditional eastern and contemporary fashion. Saadia uses traditional methods of embroideries, precious and semi-precious stones, silk threads, and indigenous materials that are outclass and trendy to wear. The fusion of Persia, Middle East and subcontinent is very prominent in her designs. “My work comprises of 3D cutworks, floral design work, and heavy embellishments like tilla and dabka, which add to the blend of modern and traditional Asian eastern work that is inspired by the Mughal era.” What makes her stand out is that she believes in doing it the traditional way, by using more of hand work labour than using machines. She feels of herself as a painter; she envisions colours, fabrics, embroideries, and her ‘kaarigars’ translate her paintings for her on a canvas: the fabrics. The ‘kaarigars’ are very well versed with the vision of her designs. She is very proud of her ‘kaarigars’ who reflect clarity, and are very sensitive to the intricate details laid out on the fabric. Though based in the UK, Saadia takes orders from all over the world. “My commitments and on-time delivery to my clientele play an integral role in keeping their trust in me, and for this reason, ASAALEH has made its mark particularly in the Middle East and UK within a few months of opening.”