GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 2 - 2017 - Page 11

D R A M A IA: This story is different as compared to what I have worked on previously in a way that this is about tough love. We both have our clashes and difference in priorities. How was the experience of working with Moomal Entertainment and Furqan T. Siddiqui? ZA: Moomal Entertainment is home to me. My debut drama Mehram was Moomal’s first serial, so I was very comfortable with the team. Furqan was very easy and accommodating to work with. We mutually agreed on how scenes would play out. IA: Furqan sir is an amazing person to work with. He gave us enough room to not only discuss the role but also to input our ideas of how the role can be portrayed. It was definitely a good learning experience. Any fun or interesting on set experiences? ZA: Iqra hid my rather expensive watch and I was about to kill her. IA: Yes! Zahid got a little upset when I pulled this prank on him and hid his watch. I think it worked! Describe Iqra in 3 words. ZA: Fun, quick learner and sincere Describe Zahid in 3 words. IA: Ambitious, mentor and an amazing friend The drama from Moomal Entertainment is written by Mustafa Ayub, produced by Moomal Shunaid and directed by Furqan T. Siddiqui for URDU1. The first episode will air on 7th July 2017 at 8 pm. CAST Zahid Ahmed Iqra Aziz Noor Khan Firdaus Jamal Abid Ali Khalid Zafar Annie Zaidi Danial Afzal Khan Kinza Malik Ramshah Khan Ash Khan Alishah Nisar Abdul Qadir Qureshi Child star Maryam Khalif Child star Robal Child star Kainat Angel 11