GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 39

M U S I C say that LMM is definitely stepping up their game to keep the music culture alive in the country. important for our country, as we can find a safe space from all the negativity and just enjoy music.” This year revolved more around the cassette culture theme, as we “However, this year LMM failed to live up to the hype. Although had sessions and performances reliving the old times. the event was organised wonderfully, it lacked the basic element: good music! There were no great acts to look forward to, Sessions like Dastangoi with the cassette king, Ataullah Esakhelvi outdoor music was only bearable, and with all the stalls selling were a reminder that music has had a physical impact on our lives merchandise it became more like a market than a music festival,” ever since the beginning. Some talks were simultaneously being she continued. held throughout the two days. From songwriting master class with Shehzad Noor to talks scheduled on women empowerment, Sheheryar Rizwan, another music enthusiast, said that unlike from a slideshow at the art gallery to the screenings of “Songs the previous year where security measures were stringent, this of Lahore,” which are a series of virtual reality short films by year seemed to have attracted a lot more audience. Regarding two-time Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy. There was the sessions, he replied, “This year the sessions were all musicians a bit of everything happening during the event. Other speakers sharing their journey from the beginning instead of a specific also included the violin maestro Javed Iqbal, Aziz Kazi, Mobeen point of interest. It focused more on the master classes and Ansari, and Asim Raza. workshops as well.” The ‘Mausiqi Mulaqat’ set up by the Citizens Archive of Pakistan, was very enjoyable. It featured a session where different age groups of people shared and discussed their music preferences. Their main idea was to create a dialogue through music and bridge the gap between generations. The art for this year’s edition of LMM was done by Sana Nasir, who on the website stated, “In its 4th edition, LMM has evolved into a symbol for m \Xݙ\H[ݙ\H[K][H[X^\و\X[]\X[ZHHX]\[HY\[\\و[]]H[YY\]\˜[^HۈH]\K'BH\H[H[Z[H[Y[]\HZ[[[\][YK\\HY\]YHZY 8'HݙHZ\[\][[]\X[H\YX\ˈ[SH\^YYBXZ܈\[[ˈ[X[][ZHZ[\HX[\[]H[YH[YH[Z[[\و\[[Y\\ZHYY[Z܋\[[HܛYH[YY ]8&\H]ܛH\Hܙ[\H[H[XX[H[\X]H\\[ۛZ\X[ܞKH[HH[وH\ۂ[\][[H]\X܈\[SH\œݚYYH]ܛKH\\[YH[HݙB]\X[\XX]H] ]\XH^\Y[K[™ܝ\H]XY\]\XYY]^YX\'BHHXXۛZ\YX]H\YX\\H\[\XH]\H[X܈[\\B]\XYY][Z\^\Y[H\YX\[[Z[\[ۜ]HYY] ]\YH[ܛ[[][[[]]XY[H][[[Y]BZ\[ \][[H][]\Y[ H[YH[[H^Z[]]\[[Y[^H\B8'ZܙH]\XYY]\Y[][HHX\[YܝXH] H][\Z]\\]\܈BZ\[YYY\]YX\'B^X\[[ۙH[[[[\H[K'HYH[[[]\H[H\H[HH]\X[\KSH\ۙH][\H\H\H[\][ۘ[]\XX[܂ܙZYۈܛ \[\]XH]YY[K]8&\[Z[[H[X]\8'HHYY XZ[X]H[X\[ۜ^X[ZYY'[X\[ۈ\H]\܈[H]]\[XZHYH]\XX]\HH\\][ۜ\H[^\XYB\[HܙX][H\[ۈ[^Z[]][H[œݚYYH[H^ܙH[X\]X\]Y\]\'B\XK[\]\Xݙ\[YH[H^H]SKZY 8'\[[]H]\X\HX][][ZHSH\HH[HH]\X[\X\[YH\HB