GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 69

I N T E R I O R S Yellow & Green Filling your home with vibrant colours such as yellow and green will bring childlike joy into your space, the design does not necessarily always have to be serious. Such playful colour schemes give the space a young and modern feel all whilst establishing elegance and boldness. Dark Plum & White I think in this day and age, we had all perfected the blue- and-white colour pallets around our spaces, it is now time to go a little bold, edgy and royal. The dark and dramatic purple will create a statement in any room it is placed, while the white will act as a neutral to brighten the room and make it a little more vibrant. Such colours would make for the perfect and most elegant of dining rooms. Emerald Green & Red Velvet, emerald green, purple, brass, terrazzo, wood; has anything ever sounded so cluttered yet fabulous before? I think not! These colours combined create a space that is astonishing and rich in colour and uniqueness. Blue & Grey Combine soft blues with greys and decorate them with neutral rugs and wooden pieces and you would have perfected the definition of a warmth through design. Such colours and best placed in spaces like living rooms, where you are meant to be cosy and settled. Purple, Purple & More Purple Here is a thought, PURPLE. Start off by decorating your space with a light purple base, followed by details of a darker purple hue, after which, layer your space in dark purple (almost black). The different shared of purple will make for a mellow space, a place for intellectual tranquillity. Blue, Granite, Pine & Pale Yellow By adding blue and pale yellow to granite and pine, you are immediately balancing out the conservative colours and adding bight freshness to your space. Such colours are motivational and inspiring, they make great for workspaces such as a gym, a balanced business room or even for an energetic meeting room. Black, White & Blue Also known as the “Hollywood Treatment.” Combing all 3 colours in one space brings together the glamour of old Hollywood with the riches of new Hollywood. You could paint your walls black and use black and blue furniture about the space with details of white. Otherwise, white walls work too, in fact, they give for a lighter feel while still maintaining the boldness of Hollywood. 69