GLOSS Issue 4 ( November / December 2017 ) - Page 59

F O O D for the healthy eaters as well, Chef Yan has it all sorted out. the elbow macaroni was baked to perfection in cheddar and mozzarella cheese and fresh mushrooms. The catch here was the white truffle oil that adds a unique flavour An added bonus is the ‘Fit meals’ that will have a calorie to this basic dish. count next to them. It is the first of its kind being introduced in the town. The menu will keep rotating The Yan’s Special Beef Burger was definitely our and the duo will also introduce hi-tea eventually. favourite. The thick and tender beef patty that melts in The fried calamari with fresh vegetables was the first your mouth with the perfect amount of chef ’s special sauce had our hearts. The serving was big and the lettuce was fresh and crunchy. The che b2BFRFb2vPvVB6W2F6W'frFP7W7FW'2vFFR&W7Bw&VFVG26֖rg&f&W"&6w&VB6"W27W&RFBvB&GV7G0&RW6VBv66VFW2g&W6VB'FVB&GV7G2FFBFPWFVF2ffW"FFR7V6RWfVFRg&V6g&W2&RFRg&g&W6FFW2BBFRg&Vg&V6g&W2f&RFR&WBF6FBvRvW&R6W'fVBvFB2F&RFWfW&V@VFFVǒ&Vf&RB&V6W26WwFW7FR@&Vr6VfBfW'6ǒF26&F6v0FRfW7BrFRVR6WL:VB&VB6ƒ6V6PvF&6֖2fVv"&VGV7FvfrBFRFwF7FRBv2gFW"F2F6FBvR&VƗ6VBvR&Rf GVvVBWW&V6RBD$rWBWv2FR&VVbFFv6v2FRg&&VV`&FVBF&Vf&R6FR6V6W26WGFRBv0w&VBBWB&rg&6FRVWrFRVB6WwBFVFW"Bv26W'fVBvFFw6V6RW&VBfW FR6Ɩ6VB&VVbrvF7&r2v&Ɩ260BF&VB6ƒfW2vR6G&VBFRf֖( 6VWF66V6ƖFW"vFGGFBVG2262RFRFRf'7B&FRF2'F7V"v26WFrFR6VbWW&VFVBvF0FR66Vv26FVBvFf֖( B6VWF27&70FFrFRW&fV7BF7FRFF2F6g&FR6W'6W2vRvW&R6W'fVBFRG'VffVB06VW6RB6Vb( 27V6&VVb'W&vW"FRG'VffVB26VW6Rv2FRFV( 6VBV( 0FV"G&2vW&R7V6G&VB0vVFRGW26RBFR&v@VBb6&V֖ƲB7Vv vF&67VG2&6rFR7vVWBF7FPBFRVBvFFV6b6FW&R26FRw&VVR6W"v62G&VBFW"F7FR'VG2B&Vg&W6rBFR6RFR