GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 58

F O O D The Burning Giraffe Text By Saneela Jawad surrealism mixed with the interior designer’s personal touch of optical illusion gives you the best of it. The lady behind the unique interior and decor is the chef and owner Yasir Noon’s wife, Sahar Noon, a graduate of the National College of Arts. “Bringing out the raw look of the walls was what the workers could not manage and so to put my passion into practice, I decided to go ahead and do the entire interior on my own,” said Sahar. “Not only that, Dali is one of my favourite artists and a huge inspiration, hence the name The Burning Giraffe. “It’s something different and memorable for the people,” she added. When it comes to food culture, Lahoris are always one step ahead with every new eatery akin to a masterpiece; the Gulberg based The Burning Giraffe (TBG) - a new concept based restaurant inspired by surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s eponymous artwork is no exception. As we take a seat opposite the raw limestone wall and wait for the food we have a little chat with the chef and the artist. The duo said that they wanted to build a space where they can come together and pursue their passion; something like a safe haven for them. “We didn’t want to portray a commercial Upon entering, you are immediately met with scene and so what an intimate cosy setting decked in a rustic yet contemporary look. The limestone walls features shades differentiates TBG from the rest is that Yasir serves the of grey, gold and white, rounding off a cheery and dishes himself giving each table a personalised touch, while I host the customers making sure they are enjoying homey vibe. their experience here,” says Sahar. It is a place where one would definitely enjoy the dinner with relaxation and serenity. What caught our eye were The menu was decided by Yasir himself which was the giraffe miniatures made with gold, bronze and black snippy yet eclectic as it offered some of the best dishes copper wires displayed right next to the dessert counter. and had a little something for everyone. Taking a look around one can tell that along with Dali’s From signature burgers to pastas and a little something 48 58