GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 23

I N F O C U S “Our culture is beautiful. There are a lot of folk stories one can gather if focused on. Indians do that, they promote their own culture.” As we wrap up the fun interview with laughs, Hamza gives the upcoming talent a little piece of advice saying, “A film can change lives, so if you want to change lives, do it the right way, don’t plant the wrong “We need to introduce our own trends, our own perceptions in the minds of the people, be friendly, ideas. Show people how beautiful our Sindhi dresses be honest and most importantly, be a filmmaker.” are, for instance.” “Don’t just go with the flow, set your destination and “When I shoot my first film, my aim is to portray make your own path if you have to.” my culture in it. The music, location and the outfits because; the film medium is something that can be Lastly, Hamza in a soft voice says, “Do something used to teach people.” that makes someone else happy, because we do a lot for ourselves already.” “Create something like Sarmad Khoosat’s work. He promotes Pakistani culture; his stories are not adapted, rather they are the stories of you and me.” “The ideas he is promoting bring up a lot of hurdles, thus, they are not as big of productions as other films.” “But change takes place slowly. I plan on doing the same, I will fail, but I will also succeed and as long as I stay true to myself, I know there is no stopping to promote the culture.” Kids who work the entire day should get a chance to learn as well. It is better to get three hours of education than to get no education at all. 23