GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 4 - 2017 - Page 13

Ever since its inception PFDC has been representing and promoting Pakistani designers at all levels, both locally and internationally. The council has also organised several successful fashion and bridal weeks, thus mapping Pakistan on the international fashion week circuits. Moreover, it has become the official representative in Pakistan for The World Fashion Organization and World Fashion Week. They also focus on merging traditional handicrafts with contemporary designs as their objective is to connect the craftsman to the designers who come together and put their ideas and skills to use in order to create something that won’t just satisfy the designer but take the audience by storm as well. These weeks are attended by high profile international buyers and media. The idea is to help the designers who showcase their collections to meet and network with personalities from the international world of fashion and media to build their brands and get the exposure they need. In this way, they facilitate the revival of the crafts sector and highlight the significance of South Asian embroideries. Coming back to this year’s PLBW edition, the introduction of early evening shows worked well in the favour of the council. Just like any other fashion event, the commercially known brands like IVY, Jeem, Farah & Fatima and Sara Rohale Asghar showcased the latest bridal couture collections and was, as always, an elaborate affair. The introduction of this segment for the bridal edition was to attract the local and international buyers to approach these renowned commercial brands. PLBW was merely just a platform to work the trading system and generate business for the brands. According to international fashion weeks practice, the shows are done in a format where the audience is relevant. Earlier, the set of designers were divided into two halves every day. As this format is introduced, the bridal designers are split by shows and so is the crowd. This is done so the filtering the relevant audience is easier. Fashion is a universal language that allows the construction and deconstruction of our identities and shapes our look to show certain attitude or values. Just like that, bridal wear is tricky yet very personal to the brides. Hence, the dilemma to get the perfect wedding dress at a ridal Week 2017 13