GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 53

F I L M It was a bit creepy and disturbing for us to believe and it definitely added to the atmosphere of the shoot. How was it working with Asif Pervaiz and the rest of the team? Everyone was phenomenal. Asim Saadi, our DOP, was the backbone of the entire film and crew. He has also provided the music for the film and did a fantastic job. Asif Pervez, being the director and producer, gave all his time and energy to this film. He had a lot of passion for this project and really believed he was bringing something fresh to the table. He was always kind and friendly with all members and actors of the movie, and we all felt like we had become a family. Faiza Asif and Roman, who are the leads in the film, have put their best foot forward for this project. Jyoti Dagar was fun to work with as well. Fahad Rajpoot was the one who took everything on sets very seriously and elevated his scenes by his acting.  What should the audience expect from the movie? The audience should prepare to watch a terrifying horror spectacle that will haunt and entertain with its twists and turns. The songs are beautifully composed so they should get ready to download them on their phones. It’s a very different movie that is worth watching with no explicit scenes so the whole family can enjoy and be spooked together! They should come to cinemas to watch the film and support the growth of other genres in Pakistani cinema. CAST AND CREW Directed and Produced by Asif Pervez Production Company: MV Films Written by Fahad Rajpoot and Asif Pervez Director of Photography: Asim Saadi Cinematography: Asim Saadi Starring: Roman, Faiza Asif, Arslan Sheraz and Jyoti Dagar Music: Asim Saadi Productions Edited by MV Studios 53