GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 36

C E L E B R I T Y They say colours play an important role in a person’s life, but for the 54 years old Sera, the colour pink has become her breadwinner. Sera is monetizing her cupcake looking reality by books, music and appearances on TV. She regularly does photo shoots and lends her house as a backdrop for music videos and shoots as well. Another pink lover, Paris Hilton, has done a photo shoot for Moschino in Sera’s Pink Palace. Her house has also been used by Galore magazine for a photo shoot with actress Ruby Rose. Sera’s music video, “Sex Kitten” a song that features backing vocals by the one and only Beyoncé, also gives screen time to her out of the ordinary pink residence. “I just love how I feel in pink!” Sera says, “It was early 1980’s and I had my 20th birthday. On this special day, I wore a pink outfit from head to toe. From that day forward, the colour pink chose me. I gave away all my clothes that were of another colour to my four older sisters and began the journey into my big pink life.” I was cast merely by walking down the street so many times for commercials, film and music videos. I also have many sponsors who I do cross promotions with in exchange for pink products. 36 PHOTO: ANDY HANN DRESS: OTT