GLOSS Volume 1, Issue 3 - 2017 - Page 2

M oving homes is not an easy task. One of the most beautiful, yet often poignant thing about moving homes is giving up on all the memories to make new ones, in a new place. It gives you an awareness of life’s cyclical nature. As I write, I am sitting tired in an empty room surrounded by boxes with my things to be placed in the new house. I am back to the city where I was born. It’s a surreal mix of excitement and nostalgia. The place feels so neat, so empty. It’s time to make some new memories. Creating a magazine has a similar cycle. Every other month, I get a blank slate to work with, we fill it up with stories from UAE and Pakistan that we love sharing with the readers. The giddy excitement that the team and I work with from planning to the release of the issue is similar to decorating a new place with more memories and then letting it go. In this issue, Sheheryar Munawar, the charming and humble actor, talks to us about his career and his future plans in the Pakistani industry. Is it possible to be fascinated by a single colour so much that it becomes a part of you? To get your answer meet the “Pink Lady Of Hollywood.” The day we saw her videos and fell in love with her, we decided to feature her in our “pink” issue. Since October is the breast cancer awareness month, we have featured an article on breast health and what you can do to raise awareness. October also marks the “World Vegetarian Day” hence we got an interesting read for you in our food section. With profiles of emerging designers like Hira Ali and philanthropists Sharmeen Khan, this issue is sure to get you inspired. So here’s to the cycle of life and creating something new, creative and memorable from a blank slate! Sanober Irshad Chief Editor Chief Editor & Publisher Sanober Irshad Staff Writers Sadaf Hassan. Saneela Jawad Art Director Sanober Irshad Contributors Ruhie Jamshed. Sana Panjwani Zamiya J. Akbar. Fahad Ahmed Web Developer: Yasir Ahmed Published by Chameleon Publishing Pakistan Sales and Marketing by Pirana Advertising Photography By Arsalan Bilgrami 71 - B - 1, Gulberg II, Lahore 7/2 - B, Mohammad Ali Housing Society, Karachi No part of this magazine may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher. The information in this magazine is for general purposes only. The opinions expressed in GLOSS Magazine are not necessarily those of the editors or the publisher. Although care has been taken to ensure accuracy of the information provided in this publication, neither the magazine nor its employees can be held liable for any errors, omissions, views expressed or information provided in GLOSS Magazine. Copyright ©2017 GLOSS Magazine. All rights reserved.