GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 64

Sarah Poole In This Month’s Issue Sarah is an Australian Lawyer, Registered Trade Marks Attorney and most recently the founder of Marquette Intellectual Property. Sarah specialises in trade marks and brand protection for the creative sector, as well as associated IP rights such as copyright and registered designs. In delivering tailored advice, Sarah draws on industry “knowhow” gained from an additional 3 years’ experience working for a creative branding agency. Graeme Bowman Graeme Bowman is a freelance writer, comedian, hoax speaker and lateral thinking facilitator, with a deep commitment to social change and women’s empowerment. He is CoFounder of the new online community, ‘Wise Women Will Save the World’. His various talents are combining in the forthcoming Melbourne Comedy Festival show, ‘Patriarchy – Where would we be without you?’ APRIL ‘15 Suzie Hoitink Lisa Messenger Suzie is the Founder of Clear Complexions Clinics, which started in Canberra in 2005. Since then, her professional-medical staffed Clear Complexions has expanded to four awardwinning clinics throughout Canberra and Sydney with a fifth under construction. The Clear Complexions medical approach to skincare has raised the standards of safety, professionalism and effectiveness within the skin rejuvenation industry and is regarded as a leader in ‘best practice’ methodology. Lisa Messenger is the Owner and Creative Director of The Messenger Group and The Renegade Collective, the print magazine which is now sold in 37 countries. In 2014 she published Daring and Disruptive, the story of her journey to publishing The Renegade Collective, which is hugely successful both here and overseas. Her new book, Life & Love, a look at her personal journey of discovery, is newly published and featured in this issue of GLOSS. Dr Jenny Brockis Dr Jenny Brockis, the Brain Fitness Doctor, is the founder and director of Brain Fit. She helps business leaders, senior managers and educators create a brain friendly working environment to nurture and develop all brains at work. Dr Jenny works as an international speaker, author, and mentor and is Mum to two gorgeous young adults. When not working she enjoys travelling the world with her husband, challenging her long standing fear of heights. Her new book on being at your brainy best for business is currently in the final stages of editing before being released into the world. Try her Brain Fit Audit on her website now and see just how well-exercised your brain is!