GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 63

MELISSA BROWNE Contributing Editor Melissa Browne is an author, entrepreneur, business owner, and shoe & jumpsuit lover. She has two successful, award-winning businesses - Accounting and Taxation Advantage & Business Advantage Coaching and is the author of two rave review-receiving business books, More Money for Shoes and the newly released Fabulous But Broke. She has also just branched out into a new venture, thinkers.inq. A regular contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald, find Melissa on: Twitter or visit NIKKI FOGDEN-MOORE Twitter or visit RENATA COOPER Renata Cooper is a multi-faceted businesswoman, entrepreneur and angel investor. She is the founder and CEO of Forming Circles, one of Australia’s leading social and ethical investment companies. Through her angel investment portfolio, she is also the Director of iVvy, an online event management software company. She is also an accomplished artist, living in Sydney with her two children. APRIL ‘15 ADRIAN MORGAN Adrian Morgan is a husband, father, son, photographer and business consultant... depending on his audience. With a fondness for dad jokes, he consistently frustrates the Managing Editor of this magazine as deadlines rush by. Adrian brings his unique perspective to GLOSS from February onwards with commentary about life, love, and quite possibly everything that shouldn’t be discussed at the dinner table. Call him out on his dinner table etiquette via email. Margot Andersen Margot is the Owner and Director of TalentInsight Australia, a company founded on the principal that true career fulfilment and organisational success occurs when individuals and businesses talk openly and honestly about what they need, their responsibilities and genuinely work to bring out the best in each other. As the organisation’s principle coach she brings a depth of knowledge and experience in operational and performance management, career mentoring and leading and developing high performing teams. Reach her at In This Month’s Issue Contributing Editor Nikki Fogden-Moore is all about practicing what she preaches – and what she preaches is balance. Balance between work, home and maintaining your personal best. The owner of Life’s A Gym, Nikki is a motivational speaker, trainer and all round powerhouse who will help bring your body and soul together. Connect with her on: