GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 55

“Janine has created an amazing resource and support group for women across the globe. Committed, passionate, inspirational and positive, Janine is focused on empowering women and supporting their efforts to achieve their dreams.” LAYNE BEACHLEY LBDGroup is all about helping women in all walks of business, thought leaders and entrepreneurs connect, contribute and collaborate to build their commercial success. LBDGroup is a community of like-minded women working together to drive their futures, and that of their peers, and of course, have fun along the way! Our members are corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers who are committed to building success for their own and each others’ enterprises through the sharing of connections, intelligence, knowledge, learnings and insight. BECOME A VALUED LBDGROUP MEMBER We offer three levels of membership for women who are committed to building their businesses, to fast tracking their growth, and who want to ensure they are surrounding themselves with the best in the business. PLATINUM, DIAMOND and BLACK membership levels are designed to offer increasing one to one mentoring, group mentoring, and business education and training. Based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and now Perth, LBDGroup has a simple message for women of worth. INSPIRE others in their journey. CONNECT with those who share your vision. Take the opportunity to SUCCEED alongside them. APPLY NOW