GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 54

Lois Lane is NOT Perry White. That’s what Lois Lane, who needs to stop talking about herself in the third person, thought before last week. Lois Lane is now aware that she does do responsibility for two reasons. One, Perry White (aka JG) told her she does. Fairly loudly, clearly and firmly. Message received, Perry. Two, after hosting the first ever Perth dinner, with the brand spanking new Perth Founding Members of LBDGroup, and our wonderful guests, she found that she doesn’t hate it. Why? Because she got to listen to what everyone else had to say, and absorb the most amazing information on a level that she didn’t know existed. OK. The third person has gone - phew, says everyone - but let me say this. I am so thankful to all of the new Perth peeps who have become a part of LBD, whether as members or as guests. And, dare I say, I feel that you will be incredibly thankful in return. This is a world of amazing women who have supported me in a manner that I could never have dreamed of for the last three years; and you are now part of a community that will enrich, guide you and make you laugh, cry and laugh some more for the rest of your life. And Perry - thank you. Responsibility is a good thing, and a privilege I do not take lightly, and I thank you for it. In small doses. I do still think though that the rock opera has legs. Maybe Lois Lane, The Black Dress of Destiny?