GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 49

3 COMMIT TO YOUR WHY You’re smart, savvy, driven and damn good at your job. Why not run your body like your business and actually remind yourself of the bigger picture? Overall daily movement is essential for stress reduction, it prevents long term illness, it rejuvenates your creativity, creates fresh oxygen to your muscles, brain and entire body, and regulates your hormone. It also allows you to live and breathe at your personal best. Why would you NOT do this. It’s time to get rid of the stories “too busy, too tired, not young enough” and build in healthy living as part of being a leader and an entrepreneur. Fedex is not sending you a new body tomorrow - look after the one you have. If you are a leader it’s time to set an example. Seamlessly integrate wellness into your day without grand gestures and massive statements about big goals - but just regular, warranted and recognisable activities that you schedule in so that people know this is part of your week. It becomes part of the norm and is not replacing a hard work ethic or your attention to your family or your teams. Need some extra motivation? Make good with your goals and be held accountable. Often we perform best when we are doing something for others - so find a charity you love or connect with something like PROMISEORPAY. Remember it is never too late, you’re never too busy and life is never too short. Just get started today