GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 48

THE {EM}POWER HOUR What you can do with 60 minutes Nikki Fogden-Moore Happy April everyone. Pretty much one of my favourite months of coaching and living as the year is well under way, business goals are set in place and personal goals are still fresh. If you feel that you’re wading through mud at the moment to smash through KPIs, balance your family life and still trying to look and feel fantastic, then let me help get you out of that hot mess with 3 top tips to integrate a real sense of vitality into your day and regularly into your week. I call it the [EM]POWER HOUR - what you can do with 60 minutes each day dedicated to you (that’s not too much to ask is it?) There are 3 ways to work your {em}power hour - 1 FIRST SET UP YOUR SCHEDULE 2 FIGURE OUT YOUR TIME ALLOCATION You need to plan your week ahead to get the life you want. So grab your pen and paper on a Sunday and your significant other and plan your 5 ELEMENTS OF A WINNING WEEK(TM) - Health and Wellbeing first, Friends and Family time, Admin, Productivity and ME time. Some days you’ll only have 15 minutes to spare in the morning and perhaps just 30 minutes in the evening before an event. The key? Don’t be fixated on HOUR time slots. It’s a complete myth that you need to work out for an hour at a time to get results. What works is consistency. So take 60 minutes and spread this into 3 time slots throughout your day. This is a model I have been using with my corporate and individual clients for over 10 years and it doesn’t matter whether it’s on one sheet of paper, in an app or on a giant post it note (a personal fave). For example: The key is to schedule deliverables and activities into your diary and agree on shared responsibilities to make the time work. Schedule your health and wellbeing time slots up front and put them firmly in the agenda. Essentially, these are appointments with yourself you need to keep. • • • • • • 20 mins: MORNING the wakeupworkout(TM) or a walk with the dog 20 mins: LUNCHTIME fresh air session - or 20 min express yoga 20 mins: EVENING - meditation, body weight exercises or a burst of cardio. OR 30 mins: MORNING 30 Min cardio with a friend and grab a coffee or juice afterwards 30 mins: LUNCHTIME or EVENING stretch and relaxation. When you have more time, use the full 60 minutes for a combination body weight/resistance work finished off with some cardio or go to a class, head out for something outdoors, on the water or go for a bike ride. 1