GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 23

Thankfully for the people of the Emerald City, Suzie’s confidence in her own vision and direction, obviously much greater than my own, gave her the initial ‘you can do this’ push forward she needed to make the expansion work. This is where Team LBDG started to step into the picture, and this is why I love sharing Suzie’s story, because it truly shows what happens when you have collaboration in action. Collaboration that was between women who see the value in helping other women to succeed, without any ‘what’s in it for me?’ behind it. With the expansion, the budget was tight, and Suzie very wisely didn’t stay quiet, and try to play the ‘no, we don’t need any help at all’ card. She reached out to the LBDG network, and of course, they reached back. As a result, that first, bright, shiny new clinic in Balmain opened with minimal marketing dollars but with the presence and support of LBDG members, who before the selfies of the opening even started, had reached out further to their own collaborative connections, organising media exposure, client referrals and introductions and even prizes for the big night. I know how it happened, because I was there, and I saw how much my fellow members cared about Suzie. I saw the way that she responded graciously and gratefully to what they had done for her, and I also knew that she would do whatever she could, whenever she could, to assist them in return. I say this with a very personal perspective about what it means to be a part of a collaborative group, because that day, in the midst of all the organising, the confusion, and the list of to-dos to be ticked off, Suzie Hoitink came over to me and said ‘you look like you need some help’. I was extremely ill at the time, and four hours away from her big opening night, Suzie treated my skin, and she did it without hurry or fuss. That first clinic had a profitable ROI within 8 months of opening. I can tell you why. It’s because of collaboration and respect for others. Because the consideration that the LBDG members in Sydney showed Suzie, and that she showed me? Her business is run on it, and it shows. There’s some clarity for you.