GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 22

Clarity Through Collaboration: Suzie Hoitink Takes Over The World With A Little Help From Her Friends. Kate Matheson In 2005, a Registered Nurse from Canberra, frustrated at the lack of treatment options available for her own acne scarring from her teenage years, opened a clinic for skin conditions using medical therapy such as light-based technology. She recognised a need in the community beyond her own for a medical approach to skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, aging, scarring and rosacea. She was 25 years old. Fast forward to 2015, and that slightly older - and definitely wiser - nurse has just opened her second clinic in Sydney, with four in Canberra. All treatments in the clinics are performed by qualified nurses and doctors. The nurses treat clients with everyday skin conditions using the latest skin rejuvenation technologies available and in doing so, not only improve the health and appearance of their skin, but their overall confidence as well. That same nurse has been nominated and won (for the ACT) the Telstra Businesswomen’s Awards, and has her own magazine called InnerConfidence. That nurse’s name? Suzie Hoitink. That clinic, and the five after them? Clear Complexions. I first met Suzie as a fellow LBDG member in Canberra in 2011 (time flies when you are having fun, or something like that). She was one of the calmest people I had ever been around; and that was reflected in the Belconnen Clinic when I dropped in one day to see what all the fuss was about this ‘amazing’ place (it is amazing. Just saying). Her staff were calm. The atmosphere was calm. Even the plants were calm. Because she was just there, making sure the ship sailed the way it was supposed to. This, I sometimes think, is the secret to her success; not just an incredibly switched on business brain, but the ability to project an air of ‘everything’s OK’. Although she was well-known in the ACT by the time she came to the decision to open her first clinic in Sydney, realistically she was moving into a world of which she knew very little. The market she wanted to break into, the conversations that went on both a business and personal level - I can state categorically that there is a very big leap of faith to be made between Canberra and Sydney, even if they aren’t very apart geographically.