GLOSS Issue 21 APRIL 2015 - Page 20

The identity of a business or its “brand” is often its most valuable marketing tool. Consumers identify with a certain quality, reputation or image of that brand, and recognise it as pointing to the products or services of the brand owner. The more successful the business becomes, the more value attached to the brand. Creating a strong, legally protectable brand is therefore an important investment and can make a world of difference for businesses in leveraging the value of a brand. Obtaining a registered trade mark is often the simplest, most cost-effective way of establishing a solid brand. But it’s not always smooth sailing for all brand owners. Here are my tips on how to get it right: Investing In Brand You: The Value Of Trademarks Top Tips For Protecting Your Brand With Sarah Poole 1 Where possible, obtain advice on the strength and registrability of your proposed trade mark before launching your brand. This will ensure that key considerations are borne in mind at the development stage and highlight potential pitfalls, including issues associated with obtaining registration. Get clearance before entering a new market, local or international. Trade mark clearance searches are designed to advise whether adoption and/or use of the proposed trade mark will potentially infringe a competitor’s rights. 2