GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 8

FEB ‘15 FEB ‘15 Your Editorial Team JANINE GARNER Founder & Editor in Chief “Togetherness – or collaboration – requires a plus and an equal sign. Togetherness can, and does, create the momentum of greatness.” Janine Garner is a business woman and entrepreneur who is passionate about the return to open and transparent corporate relationships and the power of commercial collaboration in futureproofing careers and businesses. She is the Founder and CEO of LBDGroup, a community of successful and results oriented business women and entrepreneurs working together to drive continued change and success. Janine spent 20 years working across the world in corporate marketing roles for some of the luxury sector’s best brands including Ralph Lauren, Oroton Jaeger, Sainsbury’s Homebase and Citizen Watches. She is the winner of an International Stevie Award, a Top 10 finalist in the DARE Magazine Daredevil Awards and was listed in 2013 as one of Australia’s “Most Inspiring Women” by Madison Magazine. Janine is a sought after keynote speaker, mentor and advisor. She writes every week for her own blog and is a regular commentator in the business print and online media. Janine is also the founder of Australia’s first gift giving circle, the First Seeds Fund, committed to reducing the impact of poverty and abuse amongst women and children in our Australian backyards by focusing on education, community and employment. KATE MATHESON Managing Editor “A heart that loves is always young. And quite possibly perennially stuck in the 70s, but that’s a personal choice.” Managing Editor Kate Matheson is a ghostwriter, columnist, copy writer and editor who has a passion for all things social media and graphic design. If she isn’t living in someone else’s head, she is online or onscreen, or often both together. She is determined to bring her love of the written word, presented as beautifully as possible, to people whether they like it or not. She is the sole (at present) outpost of LBDGroup in WA, but is working very hard on changing this, and is proof positive that the power of a collaborative community is alive and well. Find her in one of her various guises on Twitter at @oskythespy, read her own writing at What Kate Did Next or e-mail her at if you are looking for someone to time share your brain with.