GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 79

What will you create? Who will you help? What connection will you make? What will you dare to care about? There are so many opportunities, so many chances to find beauty or to ease suffering, that the easiest thing to do is to pretend that they don’t exist. Because if they do exist, if that little girl will live a better life because you showed up, if that void will be filled because you cared enough to do something about it... if we actually recognize the opportunity that’s in front of us, what are we to do about it? AVERT YOUR EYES We’d have no choice but to change things for the better, to take our turn and make a difference. You have the chance to change things As Michael Shrage has pointed out, that’s what all the great organizations do. Artists and humans too. We make change. What do you care enough to fix, or disrupt, or invent? Starting right here, right now. If we are willing to suffer enough to matter, we are able to make change happen. Or at least we can try. Don’t avert your eyes. Look at the opportunity. Take it. It’s yours. On living in two futures at once Every time you take a turn, you’re seeking to make a change happen, and there’s no guarantee that it will. Which means, there is a fork in the road. THIS MIGHT WORK. THIS MIGHT NOT WORK. And beyond the fear of failure is the tension of living in two different futures. In order to engage with our ideas, to flesh out our approach, we start envisioning how it will work, what it’ll feel like. We begin to live inside that future. A future that might not happen.