GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 65

Digital Disruption Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation: James McQuivey BOOK The Disruption Project: Combined UK Universities Disruptive Thinking: Luke Williams WEB BLOG Digital is here in every industry, and it’s here to stay. Across every platform, ensure you are making the best use of all the resources available to you as a brand and a business to disrupt the status quo and maximise the bottom line. Want to know more about disruption in the way we get around the planet? Then check out The Disruption Project, a three year study into our mobility, including travel and use of computers, mobile phones etc. If Seth Godin likes the way you think, then chances are you are on the right track. A great way to think outside the business and personal square, Luke William’s blog mirrors the disruptive thought-leadership found in his best-selling book. James McQuivey shows how Disney took a game app and turned in into a disruptive digital force, and how Zeo turned a $100 sleep monitor into a competitor to beat the sleep labs. The aim of the project is create opportunities for change that will reduce the energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. Practical, down to earth and frequently funny - call it a beginner’s guide to disruption. Go on - disrupt yourself. Available Now Here. Look At It Here. Read It Here.