GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 60

Learning To Fly: Looking Back With The First Seeds Fund Janine Garner If you watch the video embedded on the opposite page, you may understand just why LBDGroup members are so invested in their philanthropic arm, The First Seeds Fund. Warwick Farm is a place that has become a part of everyone who has visited it; and everyone who has visited has not only said ‘what can I do to help’, but made their skills, their hearts, and their resources available to the community. whose story of survival against the odds is so astonishingly sad, frightening - and of course, strong in spirit - that it is quite difficult to write about. For me, Carrie’s story - Flying on Broken Wings resonates very strongly with that of many of the women and girls we see at Warwick Farm. They have faced brutality and hardship that we can’t even begin to imagine. 2014 was a big year for First Seeds. It saw us being able to deliver new bikes and computers to the kids at Warwick Farm. It saw scholarship programs put in place. It saw mentoring opportunities, amazing work in the Community Centre from the incredible Pat Hall, and partnerships with Club Kidpreneur. Most of all, it saw continuing hope for a place which once sa r