GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 58

5 Get Some Rest - Rest is just as important as training. It rebuilds your immune system, creates a cognitive “check out” from the day and ensures your body can repair and rejuvenate. Do not underestimate the benefits of a power nap as well. I like to call them Nano-breaks. If you’re suffering from insomnia chances are you’re not treating your body well and stress is getting the better of you. Avoid using iPads and screens before bed, take all your electronic devices OUT of the bedroom. Pick up a book or read something that’s nothing to do with work or creativity. Download some meditation music - I use OMVANA. Love the serenity spas and luxury resorts offer when you’re on holiday - why not declutter your bedroom and re-create that space and zen at home. You’re the boss. Simplify your room, don’t over stimulate your mind before bed and use the evenings to wind down and have gratitude for everything you have around you. 7 Plan your week. - Personal Vitality is about bringing all you love and want to achieve into balance. This does not happen by accident when you’re an over-achiever you need to plan your week ahead. I use the 5 Elements Of A Winning Week. Listen to the podcast here; 6 and download the free worksheet when you sign up to the Vitality Road Map. It really works. My motto is you need to create the life you want or you’ll get the one you’re given. Put health and wellbeing #1 on your list and plan that in first before anything else. Share your week plans with your PA or executive assistant if you have one so they can help protect that time and keep you honouring your personal goals as well as running the business. Give yourself permission to be really happy! Seriously - we are always tempering nice things to do with the consequences of being responsible or setting an example. Perhaps you’re nervous of letting go for fear it will all be taken away. What if they could all inter-twine. This year I really feel my worlds combine - work, health, wellness, travel, a dream team and incredible inspiration. As I write this I feel REPLETE. I want to support you to think about abundance, about the wisdom that you are what you create and think about. Allow yourself to be happy right now for everything you have at this moment. Appreciate your potential - enjoy the journey and celebrate the milestones - daily! Here’s a link to my Vitality Road Map for you - free and get connected. I always answer emails personally and am here to help. In the March issue I will be kicking off with 5 exercises for boosting your brainpower. PS: I happen to be writing this article while dog sitting on an island in Fiji so I can assure you I am madly happy .. I have stepped back and trusted my amazing team, connected with my incredible clients and had moments to really get inspired for fresh content this year. Most of those ideas coming to me while diving under waves out on the reef and watching nature swim past. I feel rested, re-charged and rejuvenated. More importantly I also know that I will be balancing my week exactly the same when I’m back in the real world. To ensure I can keep this feeling and sustain the balance to live the life I love and pursue to work that I am completely committed to. Health & happiness, your vitality coach Nikki