GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 56

7 Steps To Personal Vitality For Movers & Makers It’s time to disrupt the old beliefs and kick start the new year with a fresh perspective. Before I kick off this article I need to set the scene for February. It is about stepping up and giving yourself permission to be REALLY happy. Not just happy - but madly happy. Some of you reading this now will have a smile on your face knowing what I mean and others may be thinking - “what’s REALLY HAPPY got to do with personal vitality”?… Everything. You probably know that I’m not one to sit still, to follow the herd or to let external barriers get in the way of a positive goal or mission - however I do believe I was always holding myself back a little from being completely excited about it all. Call it a sense of responsibility, of “don’t get too excited” of always being considerate -or whatever label I chose…I was constantly reserving a certain percentage of happiness aside - ‘just in case’. So I stepped it up a notch and spent some time away coaching myself to the next level. I gave myself permission to be REALLY MADLY happy. This meant I gave myself permission to reach for the stars physically, mentally, as an entrepreneur and on a more spiritual level. To drop the never ending rule-book that I kept hanging on to (imposed only by myself) and to really let go and see what the universal potential is of living my life with true personal vitality. 1 Know your worth - you have one body. Fedex is not sending you a new one tomorrow. Do not abuse the privilege but treat it with respect, care and attention and you will be astounded by the potential it gives back to you. Enjoy healthy food you enjoy and exercise you love. Make time for rest, plan your week with balance and a sense of conviction for what you want in your life. Reaching potential and balance comes with a game plan.. Nikki Fogden-Moore Overnight I felt a shift. This release and personal permission to soar is extremely vital for personal and business vitality. If you do not place a high value on your personal wellbeing and happiness then it will constantly be the last thing on your list - and each month your health and wellbeing goals will become more and more diminished. This year I’d like to guide you on a complete journey of personal vitality. I call it the Vitality Road Map. At the bottom of the article there is a link where you can sign up to a 4 week Vitality Road Map kick start with me for free. No strings attached - just a way to reach out and share the journey I take to create the life I want. I’ve designed it especially for hard working, driven thinkers and doers. No silly diets or fads - just a different mindset. From big picture thinking, to daily personal health and entrepreneurial wellbeing. After all - we need to run our body like a business. Set goals, plan accordingly, be flexible and ensure we are nurturing it for the best possible results and long term sustainability. Your health is your wealth. To kick off you Vitality Road Map and an exciting series with Gloss I wanted to outline the first 7 steps to personal vitality. Without these, you can place all the goals you want onto paper or into your iPad and they will not truly come to fruition. Grab a pen and paper and be ready to write out your personal notes to the next 7 steps: Feed your soul 2 - to be a great leader and rejuvenate your own energy levels with busy lives, you need to feed your soul. Take time to be aware during your day. I use my mornings for concentration, meetings and key elements that require my full mental attention (I am best in the mornings - so flip this around if you are best in the afternoon). I then use the afternoon for awareness. Taking in nature, reading, wellbeing moments, avoiding emails as much as I can and taking in all that is around me. For me this is a great time to listen to new ideas from my team and absorb. So split your day - CONCENTRATION (GIVING OUT) & AWARENESS (GETTING BACK)