GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 50

The Tinderbox: Is Swiping Yes To Mr or Ms Right Lighting An Eternal Flame? Adrian Morgan If I didn’t have you someone else would do. Tim Minchin ...I agreed that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like... books, records, films - these things matter. Call me shallow but it’s the f***n’ truth, and by this measure I was having one of the best dates of my life. Nick Hornby - High Fidelity My wife and I met back in the ‘old fashioned times’ as my five year old daughter says. Twenty odd years ago, we met through a mutual friend and hit it off. I’m really not sure why, given our taste in so many things was so different back then and continues to be now. Our music tastes are contrasting to say the least - at that time I liked Nirvana, The Dead Kennedys and Pink Floyd. My wife liked Black Box, Madonna (whom she shares a birthday with), and Ace of Base. Even now, my all-time favourite film is tied between Apocalypse Now, 2001, A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner (the Extended Director’s Cut) and my wife hates all of the above. And yet, we are still together after 22 years so something must be working! Statistically, we are onto a good thing. Both sets of parents are still together and we have made it through the seven year itch three times - she does keep mentioning long service leave, but I think that is a joke. Maybe.