GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 5

A Message From Me Welcome to GLOSS in February! And welcome to the first edition for 2015. It’s only fitting that we start a new year of the magazine with an issue dedicated to disruption; whether that comes in the form of personal disruption, disruptive business methods, or even looking differently at the way we date and meet future partners, it’s time to change the game and disturb the status quo. One thing I have learned is that unless you are willing to take the time and make an investment in your own growth as a business man or woman, then you will stagnate and simply come to a standstill. Make 2015 your year of disruption, simply by gifting yourself the time to self-educate and invest in your own intelligence bank. It will make your fortune in more ways than one. Thanks to the amazing feedback we have received, here at GLOSS we are ourselves being disruptive, and going to market with the chance for like-minded businesses and individuals to advertise with us. Look within for further information. As always, I thank all of our team, including our regular contributors - in particular new GLOSS team members, Adrian Morgan and Margot Andersen. I also want to say farewell with tremendous thanks to Chris Allen, who has a new book out in his incredibly successful INTREPID series, Avenger, and is currently writing the fourth. Remember to Connect - Inspire - Succeed - and this time - Disrupt! If you would like to write for GLOSS, please contact us via Kate or Janine