GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 49

To do this I believe that the following additional behaviours are key to ensuring personal success in the disruptive landscape: Start being comfortable being uncomfortable: Navigating the unknown with out the comfort of a detailed roadmap and/or predetermined destination is all part of the disruptive journey. The ability to cope with the element of surprise and not eliminate it as so many traditional leaders do – is also critical. Commit to being a life long learner: Where we start is not where we finish. Our ability to continuously add new skills and knowledge to our repertoire is critical for our growth and development. However so to is the ability to give up the skills that no longer apply or what once may have made your successful. Ongoing learning and curiosity is crucial for both our own careers and the businesses that we lead. Adopt a ‘Leapfrog Mindset’: This term is borrowed from Soren Kaplan who states that leading disruption requires a mindset focused on ‘leapfrogging’ - creating or doing something radically different to produce a significant leap forward. In doing so, leaders provide both their businesses and themselves with a significant point of difference by ensuring they add a completely new level of value to the market. Invest in your networks: Trust your gut: Invest in your health: Often when making ‘big’ decisions we as leaders Navigating the like to gather all the disruptive landscape data we can, spend time requires a high degree analyzing it and debating of mental and physical it. The reality is that resilience. You will