GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 24

The wisdom inside is fully qualified and curated so that entrepreneurs can build their own expert teams rapidly and get to work. As connections and networks grow, so does your own version of Entropolis. Your village becomes a town, and then a city... a virtual metropolis of contacts, content, creativity, collaboration and potential revenue. Eventually, Entropolis will incorporate funding to supercharge business success even further. Tania says that during beta testing, Entropolis is focused on engaging the Australian entrepreneurial community. ‘We are building a vibrant online city populated and powered by high quality entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors and service providers. Our plan is to take Entropolis global but it wouldn’t make sense to start without championing the phenomenal wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit in our own backyard.’ She adds: ‘Our vision for Entropolis is for it to be the place entrepreneurs go online everyday to build their profile, manage and grow their private business network and find the things they need to grow and scale their own enterprise. The best of the entrepreneurial world’s