GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 23

the hands of the users (the citizens) to own and shape. I think it has still kept that edge of futuristic feeling and I am excited to see how it evolves.’ So I suppose this comes back to the burning question. What on earth IS Entropolis?? Put simply, Entropolis is the place to be for entrepreneurs. An online business platform designed to help drive commercial success in the real world, it’s a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs across the globe, providing them with qualified content and connections, business advice, mentors and service providers to help them at every stage of business. Tania says; ion of the reneurs Kate Matheson ‘Entropolis solves two chronic problems entrepreneurs the world over face; the time consumed trawling through virtual and real time resources for the best people, wisdom and products available for individual enterprises; and the risk associated with putting your business in the hands of untried and untested people. We’ve created a pollution free, online city where all the vital resources are vetted and accessible at the click of a mouse.’ Entropolis’s mantra is “Less time, less risk and more value”. Once logged in, it is quick and easy for entrepreneurs to connect with a trusted business network and access vital business resources.