GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 22

The first thing you notice when you talk to Tania Price, Founder of the new online platform for entrepreneurs, Entropolis, is her passion and vision of the future for entrepreneurs. If passion is any indication, she will be a very successful woman before the end of 2015. The second thing is that she is a visionary on a global scale. Quite simply, the concept of Entropolis is extraordinary. There has never been anything quite like it before; certainly not custom-built for and by entrepreneurs, and definitely not born and bred in Australia. So what IS Entropolis? First, let’s talk about Tania Price, because without her, the concept of building an online city and total business ecosystem for entrepreneurs wouldn’t exist. Entropolis: A visi future for entrepr practical business solutions, fostering innovative thinking and helping entrepreneurship to flourish. She was a founding partner in the development of online entrepreneur training system and instrumental in launching the Club Kidpreneur Foundation in collaboration with now-husband Creel Price. Since 2009, those two businesses have trained more than 5000 adult entrepreneurs to win at the game of business and together, they’ve helped over 10,000 primary aged children launch their own micro-businesses. Tania loves a serious challenge and when you consider how she imagined and has now built the foundations of something the size and scale of Entropolis, there is no doubting her visionary skills, strategic thinking and creative drive. I asked her about where the idea for Entropolis originally actually came from. With a background in corporate, creative businesses and start-ups, Tania is focused on ‘When I first imagined Entropolis, it felt