GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 18

An Accidentally Brilliant Career: An Exclusive Interview With Charlie Caruso Kate Matheson I was introduced to Charlie Caruso by a mutual friend, after coincidentally mentioning that I had read her recently published book, Understanding Y (which again, coincidentally, we reviewed in GLOSS last year). This led to an extremely long phone conversation which was basically just babbling at each other in complete geek speak, then on to a face to face meeting which was further geek speak. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say, if we were looking for someone to sum up the theme of this month’s issue which is, of course, Disruption - then look no further. From deliberately grey hair (admittedly it’s a pretty chic version rather than ‘I forgot to get my roots done’) to administrating a multinational company at 18, Charlie Caruso might as well have her name under ‘d’ for disrupter in Wikipedia along with ‘brain the size of a galaxy’. She talks at a million miles an hour and every sentence has an idea in it that Apple would probably steal if they had the opportunity. Take the book - Understanding Y - for example. She wanted to talk about the Millennial generation - so she not only wrote about the subject herself, she managed to bring in luminaries such as Bernard Salt, Ryan Heath and David Burstein to the party... oh, and scored an international publishing deal. Then there’s PuggleFM. ‘I started PuggleFM purely out of being pissed off with the state of radio – it was eight o’clock in the morning and I was dropping the girls to kindy. Rihanna’s S&M was on one channel, and a sports star whinging about his wife not her losing baby weight on another – why was there no music that kids could hear, and content that I wanted to hear? How about how to help your relationship when kids are behaving badly? At the same time, I didn’t lose my brain capacity or my ability to talk about politics because I had kids. There had to be someth