GLOSS Issue 20 FEB 2015 - Page 12

In This Month’s Issue FEB ‘15 Carol Yang Carol is the CEO and Founder of Spring Forward. Former Vice President of Global Marketing with The Timberland Company, she had spent more than two decades building a successful career in marketing with leading companies around the world. Sean Simmons After many years in the travel industry working within both airlines and agencies, Sean founded Sean Simmons Travel to service corporate clients personally and effectively. For him, customer service is paramount and his team reflects his ethos. After reaching a crossroads and reaching a critical turning point in her career and her life journey, she founded Spring Forward to empower other executives who are seeking clarity about “what’s next” in their lives. He is passionate about making his clients happy - and about travel! LBDGroup are proud to have him as our exclusive Travel Partner. Dr Jenny Brockis Tania Price Dr Jenny Brockis, the Brain Fitness Doctor, is the founder and director of Brain Fit. Tania was a founding partner in the development of online entrepreneur training system and instrumental in launching the Club Kidpreneur Foundation in collaboration with nowhusband Creel Price. Since 2009, those two businesses have trained more than 5000 adult entrepreneurs to win at the game of business and together, they’ve helped over 10,000 primary aged children launch their own microbusinesses. She helps business leaders, senior managers and educators create a brain friendly working environment to nurture and develop all brains at work. She works as an international speaker, author, and mentor and is Mum to two gorgeous young adults. When not working she enjoys travelling the world with her husband, challenging her long standing fear of heights. She is now the co-founder of the online platform Entropolis for entrepreneurs worldwide. Blythe Chidgey Louise Agnew Blythe Chidgey calls herself a writer because she decided she’s old enough to call herself whatever she likes. Inspired by so many amazing openhearted women, Louise Agnew has fulfilled her dreams of creating a financial education academy for this century’s woman. Having been a licensed financial adviser for over 8 years, Lou has learned that often the fear of the unknown disables women from being able to live a fuller and more satisfying life. Based in Melbourne, Blythe is not a huge fan of punctuation, but is a believer in sticking to the rules, sometimes. She knows the difference quality writing can make to any business. Her business The Wordy Girl aims to help everyone and anyone to “get it write” on social media and websites. She would love catch up with her high school careers advisor and chat about the time she told her she would never make a living out of being a writer. She loves binge watching TV series, updating Facebook to make herself sound interesting, finding things to do in her spare hours between 1am and 3am and searching “dogs in swings” on google images. Her passion in financial literacy is evident in all she does and Lou aims to work with several organisations on financial literacy programs in schools by trying to make them more relevant for our kids today. Her aim is to lead the financial planning industry forward, to shift “old skool” perceptions and mentality, ensuring our youth and women are more financially accountable. Her Lyfe Academy represents the very risk and reward that most fear, and a belief in oneself despite adv