GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 68

There is something about the Christmas and New Year period which fills me with wonderment, joy, amazement and all things tinselwrapped and shiny. Who am I kidding. LOIS LANE LIVES: NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT... Kate Stone It’s the week before Christmas, and there might as well be nothing stirring except for a mouse in this household, because to date the number of Christmas presents I have managed to purchase numbers exactly... One. I am the Grinch That Stole Shopping. This isn’t out of any hatred of tidings of comfort and joy. I have, in fact, pulled out the Craft Card and whipped up a wreath for the front door (photographic evidence will be provided to those who snigger at this.) The Christmas tree, with tasteful gold and white embellishments, is blinking away in the window, that is when Osky the Spy Cat isn’t doing flying leaps into it and creating sudden wild disco effects on the walls. But when it comes to the present task of present-giving... I have hit a big, fat bauble of Noel nada. This isn’t about not wanting to give people presents - as I hope most of my friends and family would know, I love giving stuff to peeps. I am just not very good at doing it on the proscribed occasions; partly because I am useless at keeping secrets when it comes to exciting things like presents, and partly because I am hopeless with dates. So I have figured out that over the next few days, I need to have a plan. Not just a plan, but more a plan of attack. A gift-buying Standard Operating Procedure that shall be adhered to on all future gift-buying