GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 63

4 5 6 ENJOY LIFE OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE FEW STAY CLASSY Everything in moderation. Make great choices and enjoy the holidays. Put having fun for fitness at the top of your agenda. Try and stand up paddle with your friends or family, book a learnto-surf lesson or head out to the countryside and explore the region. Dust off the bike and explore on two wheels rather than four, take the dog outside and run around with plenty of fresh air and a fresh look at what simple things can be so enjoyable. Maybe this year it’s about setting boundaries and committing to events you really enjoy. Choose to spend your time wisely and also who you spend your time with. Avoid drinking until you can’t stand up, piling your plate high “just because it’s Christmas’ and generally letting yourself be a sloth at Christmas. Think sporty chic this season. Turn up for a party knowing you’ve done 30minutes of exercise that day, spent some time with your family or enjoyed the outdoors. Take pride in your appearance and remember that Christmas is just one day and is not a crutch to spend the whole of December drinking and eating yourself into mad oblivion… Spread some healthy Christmas cheer with an outdoor glow (just remember the sunscreen). 7 8 9 THINK HEALTHY DON’T DENY PLAN AHEAD Fresh is best - fresh air, fresh food and a fresh perspective. Follow my three pillars of vitality and you cannot go wrong. 80/20 rule, enjoy things in moderation. Choose the healthy options and just relax knowing you’ve got yourself covered with a sustainable healthy approach on a daily basis anyway. It’s OK to kick your heels up - just make good choices. Essentially eat well, prepare healthy snacks and balance your day out. Enjoy the party season with vigor, energy and style knowing that you look and feel fabulous from the inside out. Have some healthy snacks or a light late lunch salad with protein before you head out for the evening. Don’t wait the whole day to eat then turn up at an event and devour all the hors d’Oeuvres.