GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 62

THE 12 WAYS OF FITMAS How to stay HEALTHY & FIGHTING FIT This Christmas Nikki Fogden-Moore It’s time to beat the bulge and afternoon post-food trauma naps on the couch this Christmas. Avoid hangovers from office parties and find your balance as you head into December to end a dynamic year of hard work, vision and building your business - with a zing! Here’s my 12 WAYS OF CHRISTMAS to keep you the life of the party and still look and feel fabulous. No new years diet resolutions for you my friend, as we hit this silly season with the vigor of and the focus of an Olympic athlete. 1 2 3 YOUR GAME PLAN KNOW THY SELF CHANGE THAT STORY First up remember that it’s up to you how you view the Christmas season in terms of keeping fit, healthy and feeling great. If you enter into it with the mindset “it’s going to wreck my plan and be so hard to be good” etc it’s a reflection you’re still on the diet and ‘exercise is a chore’ mentality. Why not approach Christmas as a time where you can integrate some healthy habits to maintain rather than a binge season to regret. You’re in charge. If you like to get up early and have a moment to yourself before the rest of the family is running about then keep that up. Holidaying with friends and family and want to stick to your routine? This really relates to point 1. If you’re reading this then chances ar e you’re an intelligent mover and shaker and really don’t need a lecture on having healthy habits. So what can you do this year to change your story and avoid the internal negotiation “I’ll just have one…” For example, I know that I have the 80/20 rule. Just commit and offer for people to join but don’t give up on your plan if they decide to stay on the sofa with a wine…know your goals, what things you need to stay balanced and stick to your plan. I am generally fit, healthy and eat well. So having a glass of bubbles or two is not the end of the world. Don’t get sucked into the sugar train this Christmas either. Just avoid sweets, artificial foods and anything processed altogether. Fresh is best. Enjoy amazing summer produce; bring salads and berries and fresh deserts and healthy snacks to family events. Get inspired to be the best version of yourself.