GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 59

I have also met some amazing like-minded business people who can inform and inspire me as I take this leap of faith, for example Jacqui Lewis, founder of The Broad Place (, a modern and thoughtful education centre where she teaches others the benefits of Vedic Meditation. As she explains, Vedic Meditation is an independent practice of repeating a mantra (an ancient Sanskrit sound), that you can do anywhere you can sit and close your eyes for 15-20 mins anywhere – the boardroom or bedroom, public transport or park bench! My kind of meditation – and not a Hemp happy pant in sight. “The results are so great, that people carve out the time with ease as their days are so much more productive, creative, and joyful. Personally I have a very engaged life, with a young family and many brands and businesses that I manage, so I understand wholeheartedly the challenges we all face in learning and then practicing meditation,” said Jacqui. Jacqui is no stranger to modern stressors and has her own story of how she got to start The Broad Place in 2014. “My husband and business partner Arran and I are committed to being purposeful within the world and operating with the highest of integrity and so successfully turned down $500,000 worth of client fees for our agency FOLKE ARMY (that I play a small role within) over the last 12 months. “We did this to ensure we could execute the best projects and not compromise on any level. This also provided space for excellent education platforms and the launch of our product with The Broad Place. It was petrifying I won’t lie to you! And a huge leap of faith that has netted a huge return for us well outside financial gain,” explains Jacqui. These sentiments are backed up by good food foodie and low-tox living guru Alex Stuart (, who makes it clear that having a healthier, cleaner diet and an everyday exercise plan is easier than most of us think. Her tips make it seem very accessible. “Do some deep and slow breaths with a pause at the top of the breath and the base of the outbreath, a couple of times a day to cut that ‘fight or flight’ state you’re in. If that’s all you can do for now, fine. It’s actually a huge step and we often don’t pat ourselves on the back enough for heading in the right direction, but rather only when we achieve perfection, and that’s not the point. The direction is the point,’ says Alexx. Alexx reinforces the facts about the dangers that a prolonged state of stress can do to the body and argues it’s the current number one health concern to address in business. “In that mode, our body shuts down other areas of function/restricts energy being spent elsewhere in the body, to ‘get us through’ what we’re going through. I like to say our physiology can’t tell the difference between an impending attack by a lion and running really late for a meeting. So, our digestive system stops functioning well, as does our immune system.” Alexx also advocates that today any non-cookers can easily outsource the wholefoods delivery of meals like Eat Fit Food and Kamilla Johns Wholefood, but reminds me that it takes literally “two mins to get a roast chook and some chopped veg around it in a roasting tray and in the oven for an hour.” And finding time for some outdoors time and exercise of any kind you enjoy is key. “Everyone has 10 minutes, and if you don’t then you probably should take 20!” she adds.“The benefit is you live more consciously. You’re in tune with your wellness and you know when you need time out and you know when to slow down a little. It’s not a cop out, it’s a time out, to refuel. Two very different things. Funnily enough, you don’t get ‘less’ done either. You get more done because the time out clears the h VB