GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 54

4 Delegate. Being a martyr to Christmas is never much fun, no one acknowledges your martyrdom and they'll just assume you love the role. So if it's not what you want, don't do it. Get someone else to. If they don't want it to do it either perhaps this is a signal that it's time to do things differently. While being a fiercely independent, super coping, productive and busy person is marvellous for elsewhere, there are times (like now) when it's fine, appropriate and necessary for sanity's sake to ask for help or delegate tasks. The fewer choices we have to make, the more mental energy we’ll have left over to apply to those more important items, and avoid decision fatigue. Ultimately it's all about choice and what works for you. What you choose determines not just whether you survive the silly season, but how you can take the silliness out of it all and enjoy a truly wonderful and happy time. * Names have been changed to protect the innocent 5 Chill. This is a special time of year because it's a wonderful time to pause and reflect on everything you have achieved and to anticipate good things to come. It's about expressing gratitude for what you have, and for appreciating who mean the most to you. When we are grateful, our mind can relax, we are more positive and we feel happier. Why not treat yourself to something really nice; something you might not had time to do during the rest of the year. A massage? A retreat? A day to spent doing non-work things: a trip to an art exhibition, a trip to the country or a night away with your partner/husband/lover?