GLOSS Issue 19 DEC 2014-JAN 2015 - Page 33

Jacqui and Gwen have worked closely on the project over the last year, re-designing the brand’s logo, re-working the loveable Rafferty baby character, creating a new design to apply across all 53 products and creating brand guidelines for future use. “Finding a packaging agency who could work on both the strategy and design was essential for our business. We have had such a great experience working with Boxer & Co. They have been great partners who challenge and strive to deliver the best solution for their clients.” Said Jacqui. Through our research and strategic thinking, we realized that for babies and children, eating is about fun and enjoyment. Most parents will tell you that if they do the ‘choo choo’ train or ‘aeroplane’ with babies food, there is higher chance they will eat it. A lot of brands are tapping into parents’ fear that surrounds childrens’ food (is it healthy, nutritious etc?) rather than celebrating the JOY of the eating experience. Children eat with all of their senses and love to explore. The final design is due to be launched in February 2015. Gwen explains the thinking behind the new design. We created a new platform for this fun-loving brand. Babies love having fun with food: exploring, getting stuck in, their fingers in everything. Textures, tastes, smells, getting messy, testing if things are squishy or squashy! Just exploring & enjoying the pleasures of simple, fresh, great tasting, real food. “Rafferty’s Garden had great stand out with eye catching colours, but very little beyond this to help brand blocking and navigation. We decided early on that we needed to retain many aspects of the popular current brand, but it needed to stand up and punch at a heavier weight – we needed to introduce a consistent brand colour across the range for greater impact on shelf and give Rafferty and the logo a stronger role on the pack to aid instant recognition and brand recall.” This message is reflected in the vegetable coloured splats on each pack and the new, more artisan, illustrative style of the Rafferty character. We introduced food photography to give taste cues – this is genuinely the best tasting baby food on the market. We realized that the top right hand corner is almost as important as the variety name and worked hard to make this area as clear and concise for busy parent shoppers as possible, making the month indicator much bigger. Overall, the pack is cleaner, with less messages and more focus on what’s important, whilst injecting an exciting new feel. We can’t wait to see the packs on shelf and ringing through tills!